Auclio: Unitfly's Low-Code Platform for Information Management

Introducing Auclio: Unitfly’s Low-Code Platform for Information Management

We are excited to announce the launch of the Auclio low-code platform, the latest product from Unitfly, designed to ease up information management for businesses.

Non-IT companies are lacking development resources. When a new business application is needed, the loop of challenges happens: the IT department lacks the time to develop a custom solution, deploying external agencies is time-consuming and expensive, and turning to a third-party application may compromise security and cause information decentralization.

Unitfly: From Professional Services to Products

Unitfly was founded back in 2017 and has been positioned as a long-term trusted advisor for information management systems ever since.

With years of experience in designing and implementing information management systems, the team soon took a step further in providing their clients with one access point to all enterprise data. And this is how Auclio, a low-code platform for business applications development, is now introduced.

Unitfly team is already building numerous use cases with its prospects (a project management solution, CRM tool, and many more). Auclio met 94% of initial requirements with its first client, showcasing its adaptability in meeting specific organizational requests.

Auclio: Bridging The Gap Between Low-Code And No-Code

Auclio is a powerful platform that allows businesses to gather, view, and manage information from any source, in any form, without the need for coding.

It bridges the gap between low-code and no-code. It allows enterprise integrations and solves complex business cases as low-code does, while standing at affordable pricing and being as fast as no-code. With Auclio, applications are produced within weeks, not months.

Ivan Marković, CEO of Unitfly, shared,

With the launch of Auclio, we’re not just introducing a product, but a solution to a common challenge faced by non-IT companies. Our goal is not just to solve our clients’ immediate challenges, but to completely change how businesses handle information, and Auclio will significantly help us on that mission.

Bruno Dobrota, Product Manager at Auclio, added,

We’ve designed Auclio to be the missing link between low-code and no-code solutions, ensuring flexibility without compromising on speed or affordability. We are excited to introduce Auclio to early adopters and beta testers.

Auclio Low-Code Platform by Unitfly

Whether you’re an IT manager seeking efficient solutions, an enterprise manager aiming for scalability, a small business owner striving for growth, or M-Files implementator, Auclio is designed to fully adapt to the needs of one’s business needs.

The platform is now available for early adopters and beta testers who want to experience the future of information management. Sign up now if you would like to check how your business can benefit from Auclio: Get Started.