About us

We built Auclio with one goal in mind: To make all your business information easily accessible.

Origin story

After years of implementing document management solutions for our clients, we have experienced their challenges firsthand.
Non-IT companies are facing information search and decentralization problems. And they lack the development resources to solve this.
Auclio - product by Unitfly
Unitfly was founded back in 2017 and has been positioned as a long-term trusted advisor for information management systems ever since.

Unitfly team members took a step further in providing their clients with one access point to all enterprise data. And this is how Auclio, a low-code platform for business applications development, was introduced.

Meet Our Team

Multidisciplinary team for a multi-purpose solution.

Antonia Elek

Product Architect

Ivan Marković

Business Development

Bruno Dobrota

Product Manager

Helena Tomić

Product Marketing Specialist

Hrvoje Goldner

Software Engineer

Toma Karađole

Software Engineer

Nikola Špoljarec

Software Engineer

Helena Tomić

Product Marketing Specialist

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