Auclio use cases & examples

Auclio use cases & examples

Think of how your organization handles business information and replace numerous data sheets with Auclio platform.

Rely on Low-Code to develop internal or external business applications in a matter of weeks. 

Internal applications

Auclio platform relies on low-code to craft applications tailored to the needs of your business.
Now you can internally build business applications with ease: From complex ones, like Project Management tool, to simple ones, like Room Scheduler tools.

Project Management

Customer Relationship management (CRM)

Contract Management

Room Schedluer

Supplier Management

And many more!

External applications

Auclio Low Code platform for External Users
Ease up the information access to your customers. Launch Customer Portal with ease or collect and monitor customer’s tickets.
In case your need to share business information with other external parties (e.g. freelancers). Skip timely and complex onboarding to your existing ERP, and create a portal only with the information they need!

Customer Portal

Ticket System

Portal for Freelancers

Excel replacement

Think of all the work your team is doing manually: Exporting, editing, re-uploading the information…
And finally forget numerous datasheets.
Auclio acts like Excel replacement: Think of all the actions that can be conducted differently and rely on Auclio to organize your business information differently.

Tell us your use case

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We’ll soon get in touch with you to explore how your business can benefit from Auclio platform.

Applications Examples:

Some of the business use cases that can be solved within the Auclio platform.

Project Management Tool Dashboard

Auclio for Project Management

Internally build and tailor your Project Management solution to align with the unique requirements of your organization.

CRM Customer Relationship Management Platform Dashboard

Auclio as a CRM

If you’re managing your customer contact information manually across multiple Excel spreadsheets, say hello to Auclio. Build customized CRM solution designed specifically for your needs, without the need for custom coding.

CRM Customer Relationship Management Platform Dashboard

Auclio as a Contract Management​

Visualize active contacts and identify those nearing expiration. Stay proactive and timely in your interactions with customers and partners.